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A collection of workouts designed to motivate you, challenge you, and get you moving.  A culmination of workouts from Body First Strong Experts that will provide  you with guidance, knowledge, and inspiration. This  library includes detailed instructions, images, videos, suggestions for other alternatives, and more.

Performing an exercise correctly will not only help prevent injury it will also help you get better results.

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#BStrong workout [21074]

#BStrong workout [21074] This beginner workout routine can easily be modified . This workout isn’t too difficult; however for those new to health and fitness, it will certainly prove challenging. The Workout For each set do 30 seconds of work (when you will be doing the exercise) followed by 30 seconds of rest. Rest 30…


ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS your way to fit Looking for a fun way to sweat with your family, special someone or roommate?  How about make it a friendly competition?  Nothing like a friendly game of Rock Paper Scissors plus your favorite bodyweight exercises to get your sweat on. We hope you have fun! Check out the Body First…

Halloween Survival Workout

Halloween Survival Workout Afraid you might not survive Halloween? Well we have the perfect workout for you to get ready for it. Escaping Zombies, Dodging flying bats, Monsters chases, and more prepare for the big night. This Halloween workout is fun workout to do especially if you are doing with friends or family. It helps…

T.G.I.F Workout- The Grind #001

T.G.I.F. The Grind Includes Friday- The perfect full-body workout to end your week.  If you are searching for a creative at-home workout, this one’s for you. The Grind Workout #001 3 ROUNDS 40 SECONDS WORK/10 SECONDS REST Recommended Equipment: Slam Ball or Med ball Dumbbells Kettlebell (Dumbbell can be substituted) mat (optional) Med-Ball Slams Starting…

T.G.I.F Workout- The Grind #002

T.G.I.F.- The Grind Workout #002 The Grind Includes Friday- This workout utilizes a High-Intensity Interval  Training (H.I.I.T.) format.  H.I.I.T. is a great way to get your heart pumping and you only have to worry about time no counting reps involved. The Grind Workout #002 3-5 H.I.I.T. Rounds, rest between rounds; H.I.I.T.: 40s WORK; 10s REST Recommended Equipment:…