Warm-Up-Lower Body

Warm-Up-Lower Body

Typically, warm ups should be designed to prioritize movements that mimic what is being done during the workout or sport. They should prepare the whole system and specific tissues to handle the tasks ahead. In order to take advantage of the benefits and minimize any negative effects of the protocols above, I sequence warmups as follows 1. Light cardio of choice for 10-15 minutes 2. Whole body foam roll with emphasis on primary regions to be trained 3. Movement series of dynamic stretches that mimic sport or training movement 4. Sport and training plyometric/explosive exercises done just prior to primary movement 5. Static Stretching is typically done during the cool down only. I suggest only doing static stretches post training, or for very specific highly inflexible areas just after light cardio and before foam rolling. Be cautious, creating too much flexibility in a joint that isn’t strong enough to control the increased range of motion during loaded training can pose injury risk.

The Warm-up

BIKE at an easy pace 10-15 minutes

FOAM ROLL Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings, and Calves

Dynamic Series

A1: Toy Soldier 20 yds

A2: Inch Worm 20 yds

A3: Knee Hug 20 yds

Power Series

Box Jump 3 sets of 3 reps with 1 min rest between

How long should you foam roll? A good rule of thumb is to foam roll each muscle 1-2 minutes or 5-10 rolls/muscle



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Lower Body

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