Smith Machine Squat


Intermediate to Advanced

Type of exercise

Major Muscle Groups Used:

Quads, Glutes

Target Muscles:

Quads, Glutes

How to

  • Before you add any weight on the bar, position it a little lower than the shoulders.
  • That way you can properly lift the bar once loaded with the appropriate weight.
  • The bar alone is 15 pounds.
  • Place the safety clips just above knee height on both sides to protect you and to ensure you do not squat too low causing injury.
  • Place the bar on the tops of your shoulders on the base of the neck.
  • Position your legs about shoulder-width apart, with your hips, knees, and toes facing forward.
  • As you begin, squeeze your glutes while you unhook and get ready to squat. Flip the hooks back to clear the bar as you move up and down in your squat.
  • Making sure to keep your spine in a neutral position while engaging your core as you squat.
  • Keep your weight in your heels, while able to move your toes.
  • That will ensure focus on your quads and glutes keeping stress off the knees.
  • Squat to a 90-degree position, and back up to starting position without locking the knees at the top.
  • Repeat until desired reps are achieved.
  • Once finished, be sure to flip the hooks onto each side peg before exiting the bar.



Movement Pattern: Squat, Strength
Other Options:
Be Safe: Slow and controlled Movements

Kimmie Beneke
Since 2005 Kimmie has been providing professional fitness training and instruction. In the Spring of 2015, she brought her expertise to the Body First Fitness Team. She loves working with a variety of clients. From teenagers to 80-year-olds, from couch potatoes to the experienced athletes, from the self-motivated to those that need a cheerleader, Kimmie finds joy in working with them all. T.G.I.F.; The Grind . is one of Kimmie’s favorite classes to teach.