Lateral Line Jumps

A favorite plyometric move for athletes. This exercise generates power and stability during a lateral motion. Often lateral moves are overlook but are important in developing a well-rounded training program.


Type of exercise

Major Muscle Groups Used:

Core, Hip Stabilizers (Glute Medius, Minimus), Legs

Target Muscles:

Core, Hip Stabilizers (Glute Medius, Minimus), Legs

How to

  • Begin with feet no more than hip-width apart,
    • Face forward, hips, and shoulders square.
  • Squat down
    •  Keep your weight on your heels.
  • Shift weight from heels to toes as you begin to jump.
  • Jump- quickly pushing upward and sideways toward the other side of the line.
  • Land softly and absorb the shock by squatting deeply.
  • REPEAT  jumping back and forth over the line


Enhance balance and preopriocepton. Improves stability in the hips, knees, and andkles.

Movement Pattern: Power, Agility
Other Options:
Be Safe: LAND SOFTLY!! Be sure to warm-up properly. Avoid hard surfaces like concrete.
Contraindications Use caution if you have ankly or knee instability or injury.