2020 Superman Challenge

2020 Superman Challenge

Find your inner superhero!  Adding supermans not only helps to strengthen your back, activate your glutes and hamstrings, and build your core; with a little imagination it can make your workout seem like a superhero movie.


  1. Pick a Superman variation (or two) that is to add to your daily workouts.
    • For those new to Supermans, need a more gentle version try:
      • Superman on swiss ball
    • Interested in increasing the Challenge? Try
      • Superman on plybox.
  2. Add Supermans into your workouts or challenge yourself to the Superman 3-a-day workout from now until the end of the Challenge.
  3. SHARE your supermans with the Body First Strong community either on the fitMHK Facebook group or by tagging @body1st on Instagram; You must include to #bstrongchallenge for your post to count. 
  4. Be eligible to WIN! Body First will be providing prizes (including gift certificates for massage!). Winners will be announce Monday August 17, 2020

additional terms and conditions may apply

Superman 3-a-Day

  1. Pick a superman variation
  2. Complete 3 SETS of your SUPERMAN variation per day
    • You can choose to do the sets all at once, as part of your workout, or split them up throughout the day.
  3. Each SUPERMAN SET should include as many repetitions that you can do for all three (3) sets.
    • Once your maximum reps feel easy for 1-2 days, increase the number of reps.
    • DO NOT exceed more than 12 reps per set.
    • Once you can achieve 12 reps of variation easily, progress to a  more challenging variation.

Superman Exercise Variations

More superman related workouts, articles, etc.

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