Superman w/suspension trainer

Superman w/ Suspension Trainer

Level: Intermediate

Muscle Groups Used:Latissumus Dorsai, Core, Shoulders

Type of exercise type: Stabilization and Strength

How to

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold both suspension trainer handles out in front perpendicular to your body. Your palms should face the wall in front of you.
  2. Keep both feet planted, while leaning forward at the desired incline.
  3.  With control of the movement, raise your arms so that your hands are extended above your head. Be careful not to let elbows bend and your arms spread wide into a T-positions
  4. Pause for a moment and then return to that starting position.


Strength, Core

Movement Pattern: Anit-Extension with Compound Movement mechanics
Other Options: Supermans on the ground is an easier variation. Starting at a greater angle from vertical will result in a more challenging movement. Move slower and hold longer for even a greater challenge.
Be Safe:
ContraindicationsRotator Cuff or Shoulder issues. If the arms cheat and do not stay in a Y postion and instead go to a T position, This is will put unwanted stress on the shoulder joint and surrounding structures. Weak Core and low back positions