3 Pulses: 3 Jumps Split Squat

Split Lunge Jumps: 3 pulses,3 jumps 

  • Start with your right foot on the ground, then kick your left foot back onto the bench behind you, keeping your toes facing forward. Making sure your right knee does not overextend the right toes. Standing with shoulders back, and a tall spine, slowly come into a lunge position, keeping your hips, toes, and knees forward facing. Pulse the lunge for three reps, then jump off the ground and bench at the same time for three lunge jumps. As you finish your last lunge jump, come right back into the lunge, and repeat with the three pulses.


Kimmie Beneke
Since 2005 Kimmie has been providing professional fitness training and instruction. In the Spring of 2015, she brought her expertise to the Body First Fitness Team. She loves working with a variety of clients. From teenagers to 80-year-olds, from couch potatoes to the experienced athletes, from the self-motivated to those that need a cheerleader, Kimmie finds joy in working with them all. T.G.I.F.; The Grind . is one of Kimmie’s favorite classes to teach.