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Warm-up: Upper Body

This is custom heading element The Warm-up ROW or WALK  at an easy pace for 10-15 minutes FOAM ROLL T-spine, Lats, and Pecs Dynamic Series A1: Snatch Grip PVC Overhead Stretch A2: Wall Slides Power Series Med Ball chest pass 3 x 3 explosive reps Explosive TRX row 3 x 3 explosive reps at an…

Trainer Tip w/Annie: elbow and hand positioning for a better push-up

The push-up is, by far, one of the most universally used exercises; by way of this, it is commonly done with little or no technical instruction. While it may seem simple enough – plank, lower slowly, and press up, there are some small details we can attend to in our execution that will encourage healthy…

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