Trainer Tip with Kimmie- Balance

Three easy ways to improve your balance

Picture of Kimmie walking heel to toe
Inline Heel to Toe Walk

Heel to Toe inline walk

  • Head up, chest up, and eyes straight ahead.
  • Pretend you are walking on a tight rope.
  • Place your heel directly in front of your toe
  • Repeat moving your back foot in front of your front foot.

Practice walking forward and backward heel to toe.

If balance is an issue practice next to a wall and extend your arms out.

Picture of Trainer standing on beam on one leg the other leg lifted off the ground
Side Step to Balance

Side Step to Balance

  • Head up, chest up, and eyes straight ahead.
  • Stand next to a step or box with feet straight.
  • Step sideways onto the box with one leg.

For an extra challenge

  • Step sideways onto the box with one leg.
  • Stand upright and lift the other leg and balance with one foot on the box and hold for a few seconds
  • Move the lifted back down and follow with balance side
  • Work towards lifting the knee on the lifting leg to a flexed position.

Picture of a trainer balancing on leg hands outstretched.
Balancing on one foot

Balancing on one foot

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Lift one leg off the floor either bending your knee or reaching your foot out to the side.
  • Hold the position as long as you can maintain good form, up to 30 seconds.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.
  • As your balance improves, increase the number of repetitions.

For an extra challenge:

  • Balance on one leg on an unstable surface (sand, bosu, pillow)


Balancing barefoot recruits more foot muscles and may further help improve balance and stability.

Kimmie Beneke
Since 2005 Kimmie has been providing professional fitness training and instruction. In the Spring of 2015, she brought her expertise to the Body First Fitness Team. She loves working with a variety of clients. From teenagers to 80-year-olds, from couch potatoes to the experienced athletes, from the self-motivated to those that need a cheerleader, Kimmie finds joy in working with them all. T.G.I.F.; The Grind . is one of Kimmie’s favorite classes to teach.